Thank you

Thank you

Well it’s official, the Hillside Woodworks website has launched. I can finally tick off that item from my to-do list. It has only taken me seven years to finally get it done. Or to be truthful about it, seven years to have someone do it for me.

Credit goes to Dorene Warner with W Design in Barryville NY. Dorene has taken my vague ideas and squishy marketing plan and made something beautiful. She has been very patient while I pulled together all of the images and text for the site. Working with her has been really great.

Also many thanks to Seth Boyd for photographing many of my projects for the website. All of the images that look really clean and beautiful are Seth’s. The ones that are slightly out of focus or off center I probably took.

Thank you to all of my past clients that provided blurbs for the website, and for hiring me in the first place.

Finally thank you to Betsy for all of your editing, advice and great ideas.