Hillside Woodworks’ Philosophy has three key tenets, Keep it local, Keep it small, Keep it fair.

Keep It Local

The first, keeping it local, seems to be all the rage today, but it has always been an important part of our business. Whether it is remodeling one of the regions beautiful old farmhouses or donating 1% or our total revenue to the Delaware Highland Conservancy, the Upper Delaware region is where we live and where we want to dedicate our energies. Keeping it local also includes using local subcontractors and suppliers and sourcing many materials locally.

Keep It Small

Keeping it small does not seem to be logical if you are trying to succeed in business these days, but we couldn’t imagine Hillside Woodworks being any other way. Hillside Woodworks is a family business and we have no aspirations to become large developers or production builders. From a practical standpoint keeping it small enables Keith to remain the Lead Carpenter on all of our projects, which ensures better project management and a high standard of quality.

Keep It Fair

Finally, keeping it fair means dealing with all of our clients, subcontractors, suppliers in a respectful and honest way. After all if we are keeping it local they are all our neighbors. It also means working to the highest quality with the best available materials. We teach our children about honesty, ethics and putting in a hard day’s work. We practice what we preach.